About Thonet & Vander


In the early 20th century, a young Hammes Joseff Einrich, immersed in the burgeoning world of radio, began a journey of innovation and excellence in Dessau. His wartime experiences in radio command and post-war collaboration with visionary businessman Karl Lohman laid the foundation for a legacy of high-fidelity sound engineering. Fast forward to 1958, the brand Thonet & Van Der Rohe was born, honoring Bauhaus ideals and setting new standards in audio design. Today, as Thonet & Vander®, we continue to lead the industry, blending German engineering with cutting-edge technology to create unparalleled audio experiences.


Son of an amateur who closely followed the first steps of radio, Hammes Joseff Einrich was born in Dessau in 1919.

He grew up surrounded by valves and coils in a workshop where his father disassembled and studied the first radio receivers that came onto the market.

At the outbreak of World War II he was enlisted in the German army, where he worked in the areas of research, radio command and telecommunications. During the post-war period, he met businessman Karl Lohman in Berlin, who was amazed by his technical knowledge and the high fidelity of the high-quality sound amplifiers and speakers that Einrich had developed and modeled by hand for personal consumption.



Years later, precisely in 1996, a team of engineers who followed Einrich's ideas and knowledge resumed the passion, clinging to the ideas of the Bauhaus, creating the brand Thonet & Van Der Rohe, mentioning these two illustrious architects who were influential in that school.

Shortly after, they acquired significant relevance in the market, managing to close numerous exclusive production contracts for the main speaker brands in Germany and Great Britain.


One of them, Ditter Lauts, in 2002 decided together with a partner, with the rise of digital music, to rename the brand, industrialize it and, respecting its design guidelines, launch it worldwide.

In 2004 they made the decision to build another new factory with their German quality standards and launched the first mass production multimedia models.

By 2012, the renowned Thonet & Vander was positioned as one of the most recognized audio brands on the market.

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