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2.0 speaker
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An epic masterpiece

The legend is back, better than ever. Experience the pinnacle of audio excellence with Hoch™, Thonet & Vander®’s iconic double signature-yellow driver speakers available in white and black. The new Hoch™ boasts pristine, accurate audio with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for unparalleled sound, customizable with on-device digital volume, treble, and bass EQ controls. Transcend mere listening experiences, whether you're enjoying music, hosting movie nights, perfecting your gaming experience, or fine-tuning your audio-visual presentations. With the ease of a remote control, Hoch™ transforms any space into a hub of high-fidelity sound with seamless connectivity options including Bluetooth®, S/PDIF (optical), and RCA Stereo. A sound art statement in every room.



• 120W
• HDAA™: High Density Acoustic Absorber Box Technology
• Rage Bass™: Hyper-optimized Bass Sound Technology
• Glow FX™: Ultra-enhanced Sound Frequency Range Technology
• DSP (Digital Signal Processing): cleaner accurate sound
• On-device digital volume, treble and bass EQ controls
• Connectivity: Bluetooth® + S/PDIF (optical) + RCA Stereo
• Remote control
• Color: black and white

HOCH™ 2.0 speaker


White, Black


Bluetooth® + RCA + Digital Optical (SPDIF)

Frequency response

40Hz - 20kHz

Output power

120W RMS 

Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) 

˃70 dB


< 0,05% - 1W


˃50 dB

Bluetooth® version


Bluetooth® Audio Codec

SBC, AAC, Aptx (High Quality)

Bluetooth® range

Up to 10 meters

Speaker size

Tweeter: 1'' - Woofer: 5,25'' (x2)

Speaker impedance

Tweeter: 6 Ω - Woofer: 6 Ω (x2)


Box: HDAA™ Wood

Woofer: Aramid fiber, magnetically shielded

Tweeter: Silk

Product size

46 x 18 x 23 cm (one acoustic box)

Power cable length

1.5 meters

Cable length between speakers

2 meters

RCA-Miniplug cable length

2 meters